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how does adderall cause depression

The goal is to remove the toxins from the body, so long-term rehabilitation can begin. This is the first step someone needs to take to enter Marijuana a rehab program. Detoxing on your own can be extremely dangerous. Why? The body has become highly accustomed/addicted to the substance and there can be serious, even deadly side effects. We do not recommend you try detoxing on your own. Detox can cause many complications. When detoxing from a substance, an individual can go through high levels of depression and anxiety, severe mood swings, increased pulse rate, have a loss of appetite, insomnia, nausea, vomiting and even tremors, and shakiness. In more severe cases the body will result in hallucinations, fevers, severe delirium and seizures. Detoxing alone can be fatal so it is in one’s best interest to never detox alone and only detox when accompanied by medical professionals at a verified drug and rehab hospital. The best benefit for detoxing at a drug and rehab certified hospital, is their ability to provide you with medications that make the detox symptoms manageable and non-life threatening. Rehab is the process of treating and combating one’s psychological and physical need for a substance for a long-term, addiction free life. Rehab programs should treat both the physiological and psychological aspects of the disease. There are many rehab programs. It is often difficult to choose what rehab program is the best program. There are 12-step programs, AA and many others.

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how does adderall cause depression